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Knowing where you want to end up helps us plan the steps to get you there.

Marketing Strategy

A Tried & True Web Design Process for Success

Transforming a website from a space-filler to a powerful, results-driven marketing machine relies on understanding what you want to accomplish and why. Our tested and refined process does just that. We work hard to understand your unique business, your customers, your competition, your goals and the message you want to convey before any design or marketing work begins.

No Surprises: from Concept to Completion

We’ll take your website design and development project through five main phases, guiding you along the way, with clear outlined milestones and timelines. We discover everything we can about your brand and objectives while taking you through a series of steps that help you to understand what is important when marketing on the web. You’ll know what we think and we’ll offer our opinions, but you are ultimately the final decision-maker. You’ll know what to expect at each phase, what deliverables you will receive and specifically what we will need from you and when.

Web Design Discovery Phase

Phase 1: Discovery 

The Collaborative Process

You’re the expert on your business. So as web marketing consultants, we probe with questions for a comprehensive 360-degree understanding of your business. We get you thinking in a new way about who you are and how to effectively communicate your unique selling proposition through your website. We spend time listening, learning and strategizing. The Discovery phase goes to the depth of true partnership.

Marketing Strategy

Phase 2: Marketing Strategy Development

Building the Plan

Helping you build a concrete strategy for success is what sets the Synerge-marketing team apart. Why? Because if you don't know where you want to go, no one will ever be able to take you there. Strategy development includes consideration and segmentation of your target market, analysis of the competition, establishing measurable goals for success, and laying out a plan to achieve the results you expect.

Responsive Website Design

Phase 3: Website Design 

The Real Fun Begins

Phase 3, the website design phase, brings the planning to life: We create your website navigation and structure, develop a wireframe (non-graphical layout of site elements and how the pages interact) and conceive the home and subpage creative designs.

We're not just "make-it-pretty" designers. We set out to solidify your brand, establish professional credibility and meaningfully engage your audience so you stand apart from your competitors.

Website Development - CT

Phase 4: Website Development

Bringing Your Website To Life

Over the next few weeks, the web development process begins with construction, platform configuration and feature customizations as outlined in your project plan. During this phase, all site graphics and layout templates are implemented. Your content management system is customized to make administering your website easy and effortless without technical knowledge. Your menus, galleries, dynamic tools, interactive and custom features come to life.  

Inbound Marketing

Phase 5: Inbound Marketing

Leveraging Your New Website as a Sales Machine

The goal of Inbound marketing is to attract an audience who is genuinely interested in your product or service and ultimately convert them to customers. Inbound Marketing ultimately generates sales and revenue by getting the appropriate message to a qualified, targeted audience at the time they would be most interested in purchasing your product or service. The fuel that drives the engine of Inbound Marketing is quality, engaging content that is delivered across multiple platforms and provides real value to customers that drives action.

Connecticut Website Design Service Areas

Local & National Service Areas:

Connecticut website design and internet marketing services are available throughout Connecticut including Fairfield County, New Haven County, Litchfield County and Westchester NY.  Remote services are available outside of CT and NY.