Why Clients Choose Us

With so many options to choose from for a web design and inbound marketing partner, choosing the best one for your company can be challenging. Here's what sets us apart from the rest.

"…Not only has the website brought in new leads, opportunities and customers, but it has attracted the industry talent and brand credibility we needed to expand and grow. "


Your website and digital marketing program should be making you money or saving you money. If it’s not, it’s not doing its job. We know the right questions to ask you to get to the heart of what matters to your business, and we work with you to make sure your website and each marketing campaign we undertake adds long-term value.



Most of our senior-level team members have left high-end agencies and corporations to pursue their craft with more flexibility and without the pressures of corporate life. They have the training, experience and standards to turn out the highest quality work. For our clients, this means they get all of the talent available at a larger agency while enjoying the one-on-one personal attention that’s characteristic of smaller company.


"If you are looking for an A team, you just found one! Synerge-marketing is a very impressive team…"
– Christina Baxter, President, Cibi Events

"From our first interaction right through the launch of our website, the Synerge-marketing team was on top of the process..."
– Dennis Bruce, Data Masons Software

No surprises.

You’ll know exactly what you’ll get for the price you agree to. You’ll know when deliverables are due from us and you’ll know what’s expected from you in order to get the job done.

Specialized skills.

Our varied skills and backgrounds enable us to provide marketing, design and development insights from many points of view. We know how to prioritize the benefits of creative, technical & SEO to give you the biggest bang for your buck based on your goals.


"The Synerge-marketing team has a deep knowledge of website design, functionality, analytics and graphic design. They very quickly ramped up on our business and partnered with us during the entire process…"
– Lisa Foster, VP Global Marketing, MMA

"….perhaps most important of all they are able to walk you through the process in layman's terms. And stay within budget!"


Because we’re a marketing-based company, we speak in layman’s terms. (If you want to talk technology, our programmers can join the conversation.) We will guide you through our tried-and-true process from concept to completion.


Each member of our team has a personal stake in the growth of our company and yours. We pride ourselves on each project we accept, and we have the resources to deliver complete and error-free work.


"The website Synerge-marketing built for us has stood the test of time and continues to attract new patients for the services we have identified. They thought through every detail of the design, functionality and messaging to be sure it was helpful to our patients and enhanced our professional reputation. "

"…Randi and her team are uncompromising professionals who stopped at nothing to give us everything that we needed."
– Monica Chusid, Project Manager, Charter Communications

Personal attention.

A senior-level marketing professional is your point of contact from the beginning to the end of your project. As a small company, we can respond to client needs quickly because we’re not restricted by corporate bureaucracy.


Fair pricing.

Our prices are reasonable, especially given the quality of talent we offer to complement your team. You’ll have options to choose the level of design, development and marketing you want given your timeline, budget and goals.


"…They are competitively priced, and a delight to work with. If you are looking for results, I highly recommend Randi and her team of true professionals."
Connecticut Website Design Service Areas

Website Design & Inbound Marketing Services

While we’re a Connecticut-based website design and inbound marketing agency, we partner with remote clients coast-to-coast.

If you’re in one of our local service areas, including Fairfield County, New Haven County and Westchester County, NY, we’re just minutes away and are happy to participate in face-to-face meetings and consultations. Our Massachusetts web design and inbound marketing team also services all areas in and around Boston and Cape Cod.

And if you’re not in our own backyard, you’ll never know. We pride ourselves on being a highly-accessible part of our clients’ teams, no matter how far apart the map puts us.