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Web Design Guidelines For Success: Chapter 2: VISIBILITY: Are New Customers Finding You Online?

Hand holding a globe - internet search visibilityOne of the biggest mistakes companies make is to judge websites only by their aesthetic design. No matter how beautiful a website is, if no one can find it, it does you no good. It’s like spending $20,000 on a glossy brochure and then locking it in a cabinet. Without an effective strategy for making your online presence visible to your customers, your site will be doomed to fail. Here are some strategies to consider: Read more

Web Design Guidelines For Success: Chapter 1 CREDIBILITY: Why Should People Trust You?

Website OptimizationWith millions of websites online today, people are generally skeptical and savvy when they review a company’s online presence. So what can you do to convince people to trust your business message? And how can you establish professional credibility through your website?

Look and feel. The best place to start is with your website’s look and feel. A professionally designed website is the gateway to getting a potential customer to stick around and explore your business offering. If your site is disorganized or confusing, you run the risk that your potential customers will navigate away from your website soon after they arrive, without taking the time to learn about your business.

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6 Apps for Improved Business Productivity (For Marketers and Beyond)

business productivityQuite often when a business engages with a marketing firm to support their business objectives, it’s either because they acknowledge the fact that they lack resources in house or they simply do not have the expertise or time to execute on a comprehensive marketing strategy. And while outsourcing work to a marketing firm can help on both accounts, there are also some great apps to help with the time, business productivity and efficiency constraints that can challenge employees, teams and businesses at some time or another.

All business owners know that productivity has a direct impact on your ability to be competitive. However, most people aren’t aware of all the tools they can use to maximize the productivity of their business. For example, did you know how many apps are aimed specifically at improving business productivity? 9.81% of all App Store apps are business-related, with an additional 2.62% devoted to productivity. With more than 2.2 million apps in the App Store alone, that means there are hundreds of thousands of apps you could use for such purposes. Read more