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Lead Generation: Increasing Lead Counts With Calls-To-Action That Rock

Call to actions lead generation

When you are designing an inbound lead generation campaign, you are creating an offer for people whom you have identified as your target personas. No matter how wonderful it is or how much your offer will help your visitors, if you do not drive them to take action, most will never know.

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are your best tool to capture your visitors’ attention and convert them to leads, but there is more involved than simply saying, “Buy now!” or “Click here!”. Increase your lead counts with CTAs that rock!


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Lead Generation Techniques: Use High Performing Offer Formats

Ebooks and crafting offersThe road to converting leads into customers is a long one, but it always begins with one simple fact: More leads means more chances to sell.

Understandably, lead generation is a common goal for many businesses. Today, we’d like to discuss lead generation techniques in the format of offers.

Offers can be anything from eBooks to webinars to blogs. Naturally, some types of offers work better than others at capturing leads. In fact, offers can be ranked pretty easily into a hierarchy based on how well they tend to perform. Read more

Lead Generation Tips: Craft Offers that Address Different Buying Stages

Crafting offers that address buying stages.If you are successful in your inbound lead generation efforts, you will attract people to your offers who are at different stages of the buyer’s journey. While generating a lot of traffic is fantastic, conversion is your main objective. To maximize your conversions, one of the lead generation tips you need to implement is to craft offers that address different buying stages. Read more