7 Must-Have Web Design Features & Functions for Your Medical Practice Website

Creating a well-executed user experience and growth driven website strategy for any business is a challenge. For medical practices looking to improve patient acquisition and establish professional credibility, there are special website design elements and functions to consider. Read on to discover seven important features to include in your medical practice website design project.

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Leveraging Multi-Funnel Lead Generation to Maximize Results

Multi-funnel lead generation tipsThe expression “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” dates as far back as the 1600’s; likely because it’s such sage advice. The same advice is valuable to your inbound lead generation efforts, yet in a slightly different manner. Although you don’t stand to lose everything if you only use one method to attract leads, you stand to gain far more if you leverage multiple channels.

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Content Marketing Quality vs Quantity

Content Marketing Quality vs QuantityQuality over quantity has been the norm for just about anything you do in life but with content being such a driving force behind successful inbound marketing, this old adage may not be the best answer. For many reasons that we will discuss, you don’t have a clear choice between the two if you want to maximize your online presence and realize your business growth goals.

Quantity vs Quality for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order to improve your site ranking for your keywords, you have to produce content consistently so search engines can recognize that your site is relevant and updated continually. There isn’t a magic number of posts that should be made or a standard frequency; these numbers will depend on your content marketing goals and reviewing your analytics to see if you are posting often enough to climb in the rankings. The quantity versus quality conundrum comes into play with how the search engines index.

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Writing Effective Blog Titles – 5 Tips to Increase Clicks

Five Tips for Writing Blog Headlines

Writing effective blog titles is one of the most important elements of any blog post. Why? Because without a good title, you’re going to have difficulty convincing anyone to read your post. It won’t matter how great your content is if nobody reads it.

This, unfortunately, also means that a lot of the effort you’re putting into your blog content will end up going to waste.  So how exactly can you come up with blog title ideas that are interesting enough to warrant a click? The following are a number of tips to keep in mind: Read more

Web Design Principles: Website Visibility

Website Visibility - Attact Traffic to Your Website

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

The classic question “does a falling tree in the forest make a sound if no one is there to hear it?” has many different credible answers, depending on your philosophical point of view.  In contrast, the question “does a website have any commercial value if no one is there to visit it?” has only one clear answer:  no.  Although there are many factors that contribute to a successful website, none of them matter if no one visits the site.  It can therefore be said that visibility, or attracting people to visit your site, is an important web design principle to include in your website strategy.  Below are four methods that have proven to be successful in achieving website visibility.

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines, especially Google, continue to drive the majority of traffic to websites.  According to Search Engine Watch, over 70% of all web traffic is driven by organic search .   It is therefore critical that SEO be integrated into your site’s infrastructure as well as its content to ensure that your site is visible as high up on the list of search engine result pages as possible.  Responsive web design, fast loading times, good user experience (UX), contextual relevance, high quality engaging content, keyword research, and inbound links are some of the key elements your site will need to ensure best SEO results.  Most of these tactics are important to incorporate during the build of your site and NOT as an afterthought.

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