Lead Generation Techniques: Use High Performing Offer Formats

Ebooks and crafting offersThe road to converting leads into customers is a long one, but it always begins with one simple fact: More leads means more chances to sell.

Understandably, lead generation is a common goal for many businesses. Today, we’d like to discuss lead generation techniques in the format of offers.

Offers can be anything from eBooks to webinars to blogs. Naturally, some types of offers work better than others at capturing leads. In fact, offers can be ranked pretty easily into a hierarchy based on how well they tend to perform. Read more

Gain Control of your Inbound Marketing Leads with these Five Techniques

Inbound Marketing TipsOne of your most important jobs as a marketer or business owner is to attract visitors and convert them to leads. Once your leads have been converted, you need to close the sale and then continue to delight. It sounds fairly straightforward, but if you don’t control all of these processes, all of your efforts will be for naught. Gain control of your inbound marketing leads with these five techniques to achieve maximum ROI on the time and money you spend. Read more

5 Email Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales This Holiday Season

5 Email Marketing Ideas to Boost SalesThere’s no doubt that the end of the year is the season of shopping. With the year closing out, families coming together, and nostalgia running high, people across the world are on the lookout for gifts (and ways to get those gifts without breaking the bank).

To help give your brand a boost in this area, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite email marketing ideas that your business can use. Read on: Read more

Developing Buyer Personas for Inbound Lead Generation

Primary Buyer PersonaTrying to stand out in the literal millions of businesses online is not an easy task.  You need a plan for attracting visitors and converting them to new business opportunities. Inbound marketing is a great strategy for companies with a high average sale and a long sales cycle to carve out their niche on the Web. Before you can begin to map out the plan, first and foremost, you need to understand your buyers and what makes them tick. Developing profiles around the various segments of your target audience is the first step in persona development which is the starting point of an effective Inbound marketing strategy.

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Understanding your Content Marketing Strategy for Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Inbound marketing, or inbound lead generation is a content marketing  strategy designed to nurture your target audience along their buyer’s journey (think sales funnel.) The challenge is to provide the information they need at the right time in their journey if you are to be successful. While there is plenty of information available about the need for engaging content, very little explains exactly what your content writers should create for each stage.

Content Marketing Strategy

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