Lead Generation Strategies: Creating Offers They Can’t Say “No” To

Lead Generation Strategies notepadStrong lead generation strategies include a number of interwoven campaign elements that help guide a cohesive and compelling buyer’s journey. Sometimes, determining which piece of the overall puzzle prompts consumers to make a purchase can be difficult to pin down. Was it your call-to-action that did the trick? Is on-page content so undeniably convincing that it won over consumers? Fortunately, defining what worked is a good problem to have, and it never hurts to put a finger on the pulse and gauge why lead generation strategies are successful.

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E-Book or Whitepaper? 4 Major Differences

Stack of books and papersEffective digital marketing requires a variety of approaches, including the use of e-books and whitepapers. Both are considered “long-format” marketing tools, and while they are similar, they are not the same.

Here is what they have in common:

  • Both are an integral parts of SEO-based digital marketing, helping content to be found/ranked by Google.
  • They’re used most often for prospects and leads in the middle- or latter-part of the sales funnel.
  • When well-written and formatted, they establish you as an authority in your industry or niche. Read more