Gain Control of your Inbound Marketing Leads with these Five Techniques

Inbound Marketing TipsOne of your most important jobs as a marketer or business owner is to attract visitors and convert them to leads. Once your leads have been converted, you need to close the sale and then continue to delight. It sounds fairly straightforward, but if you don’t control all of these processes, all of your efforts will be for naught. Gain control of your inbound marketing leads with these five techniques to achieve maximum ROI on the time and money you spend. Read more

Getting Internal Buy-In for Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Lead GenerationAs the person in charge of marketing for your business, you know the value in a sound strategy for inbound lead generation. The problem you might face however, is getting internal buy-in so the campaigns reach maximum success. Your internet marketing strategy involves the buyer’s journey so that means you need the support of all departments within your company if you are to realize the goals you have established. How then do you get internal buy-in? Read more

Rookie Mistakes that are Killing your Email List-Building Success

e-mail list mistakesA critical component to successful inbound lead generation is building your email list so you can convert your qualified leads into buyers and continue sending them relevant and useful content through the delight stage of the buyer’s journey. According to a census performed by Circle Research, 42-percent of businesses claim email to be one of their most effective strategies for lead generation, so it’s important that you get it right when you build your email list. Here are five rookie mistakes that are killing your email list-building success: Read more

Understanding your Content Marketing Strategy for Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Inbound marketing, or inbound lead generation is a content marketing  strategy designed to nurture your target audience along their buyer’s journey (think sales funnel.) The challenge is to provide the information they need at the right time in their journey if you are to be successful. While there is plenty of information available about the need for engaging content, very little explains exactly what your content writers should create for each stage.

Content Marketing Strategy

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Customers Demand Inbound Marketing

In today’s digital world, customers have vastly changed how they shop for and buy new products and services. In fact, upwards of 70-percent of your potential clients have already thoroughly researched the Internet before they ever contact your sales department. If your inbound marketing strategy is not reaching your target market at the right time, you are missing lead generation opportunities and in turn, sales. Customers have created a demand for inbound marketing that you must fulfill to grow your business.

Inbound Marketing Methodology

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