Synerge-marketing Launches Bump Agent for Travelers

Bump Agent CT Web Design - Synerge-marketing

Bump Agent Website

Bump Agent, a website designed and developed by Synerge-marketing,  launched this week. Bump Agent is a new concept targeted to flexible travelers. People that sign up are notified more than a day in advance if their flight is overbooked and receive valuable travel incentives to rebook on an alternate flight. It’s bumping with benefits. The system helps the airlines keep passengers (and flight crew) happy,  and it helps passengers by providing rewards and convenience for rebooking. Smart Idea!

The challenge was to create a new brand that appealed to business and leisure travelers, college students and empty nesters. We needed to design a website that brought the visitor through the concept, benefits and sign up without any effort. The goals were to make the brand distinctive, deliver the message clearly, and engage vistitors to sign up for free.

For this challenge, we decided to take the visitor through the bump agent story and benefits, and invite visitors to “get onboard” all within a single web page. An airplane and flight path lead the visitor down the page and to the call to action. Our web designer, Kim, combined old fashioned airport icons and nostalgic graphics with bold colors and modern background scenes. The forms were designed as a “ticket”.

Our developer, Garry, made the functionality elegant and effortless. He was able to integrate the forms, rotating surveys and refer a friend  all within a single process and without leaving the page.  The forms were programmed to rotate so that the client would receive a variety of feedback from visitors relating to the service.  All this was custom programmed without using any 3rd party software. Not an easy feat.

The Synerge-marketing team of web designers and developers worked together to come up with a website that was original, compelling, intuitive and fun. Untraditional in both design and function, we’ll be interested to see how it is received and look forward to the phase 2 version including “My bump agent” profile and full registration.

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