7 Must-Have Web Design Features & Functions for Your Medical Practice Website

Creating a well-executed user experience and growth driven website strategy for any business is a challenge. For medical practices looking to improve patient acquisition and establish professional credibility, there are special website design elements and functions to consider. Read on to discover seven important features to include in your medical practice website design project.

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Aesthetics of Website Designs

Web Design ConnecticutWhen you decide to take on the world-wide-web and elevate your business to the next level, the first thing you are going to need is a website.

Many website designers  simply turn out the same style of design over and over again. A website shouldn’t be just another cookie-cutter styled template. A website is the face of your business and your global presence available 24/7.  Both the content and aesthetics of website designs should be well thought out and reflect your business in a professional and positive light.

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7 Great Resources for Website Design Inspiration

Web Design InspirationWhen you’re ready to start your website design project, you will likely be asked to choose some sites within your industry niche that you find effective and aesthetically on point.  You’ll want to be able to reference websites that you like and don’t like for:  color and palette, navigation and site structure, layout and messaging. While not everyone is blessed with the artist gene, most of us have the ability to judge whether a site would be credible in a customer’s eyes based on their industry.

Our customers often struggle to find a lot of well designed sites to offer as examples of what they like .  They tend to look at competitors sites rather than finding examples of what they would aspire to become in the online world. We urge our customers to look outside their competitive sphere.

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Writing Effective Blog Titles – 5 Tips to Increase Clicks

Five Tips for Writing Blog Headlines

Writing effective blog titles is one of the most important elements of any blog post. Why? Because without a good title, you’re going to have difficulty convincing anyone to read your post. It won’t matter how great your content is if nobody reads it.

This, unfortunately, also means that a lot of the effort you’re putting into your blog content will end up going to waste.  So how exactly can you come up with blog title ideas that are interesting enough to warrant a click? The following are a number of tips to keep in mind: Read more

A new website blossoms for Greenwich business

McArdle’s might be the oldest family business in Greenwich, CT, but when it comes to its flora; services, the company is known for sophisticated and cutting-edge design. Recently, they realized the current website did not reflect all that they have to offer.

When McArdle’s first discussed a website redesign with Synerge-marketing, it was evident that their extensive work as experts in the world of flowers and plants was not adequately showcased on their then current website. Rather than simply displaying their products, the company’s goal was to present itself as a creator of beautiful lifestyles, both indoors and out. It was equally important that clients understand that since 1910, when James McArdle founded a downtown Greenwich garden center, the company has worked diligently to retain its reputation of being trustworthy and authentic.

In addition, the site had to capture the attention of a diverse clientele:

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