7 Must-Have Web Design Features & Functions for Your Medical Practice Website

Creating a well-executed user experience and growth driven website strategy for any business is a challenge. For medical practices looking to improve patient acquisition and establish professional credibility, there are special website design elements and functions to consider. Read on to discover seven important features to include in your medical practice website design project.

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Web Design VISIBILITY: Are New Customers Finding You Online?

Search Engine Optimization Strategy One of the biggest mistakes companies make is to judge websites only by their aesthetic design. No matter how beautiful a website is, if no one can find it, it does you no good. It’s like spending $20,000 on a glossy brochure and then locking it in a cabinet. Without an effective strategy for making your online presence visible to your customers, your site will be doomed to fail. Here are some strategies to consider: Read more

10 Awesome SEO Tools to Help You Boost Traffic

SEO ToolsBoosting SEO traffic depends on the snowball effect and the idea that safety lies in numbers. Your website, blog or Facebook page are not enough on their own.Together, however, they start to pack a more powerful and synergistic SEO punch.

Harness the Power of Synerge With These SEO Tools

SEO tools are designed to help the marketing team get your pages and social media posts visible and above the fold in Google Search. Reading about them is one thing; learning and implementing them is where it counts.

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Writing Effective Blog Titles – 5 Tips to Increase Clicks

Five Tips for Writing Blog Headlines

Writing effective blog titles is one of the most important elements of any blog post. Why? Because without a good title, you’re going to have difficulty convincing anyone to read your post. It won’t matter how great your content is if nobody reads it.

This, unfortunately, also means that a lot of the effort you’re putting into your blog content will end up going to waste.  So how exactly can you come up with blog title ideas that are interesting enough to warrant a click? The following are a number of tips to keep in mind: Read more

SEO Checklist, 6 Essentials for Improving Search Performance

Website Visibility: Will Qualified Visitors Find You?

SEO Checklist - Website VisibilityIn today’s digital world, your website is your most precious asset.  Aside from representing your company’s brand identity, done well, it is the foundation from which your leads will be generated and your customers acquired.  A critical element of a successful website is:  traffic.  In order for your site to achieve its objectives, it must attract visitors.  There are many different methods of attracting visitors to your site, but one of the most powerful and effective methods is organic search engine optimization (SEO).  According to Search Engine Watch, over 70% of all web traffic is driven by organic search.  It is therefore crucial that SEO be a focal point of your website design process, ensuring that all site architecture, structural elements, and content are in place. If the web design firm you are interviewing doesn’t discuss how you will attract visitors to your site, or how they will help you develop an effective content strategy, keep looking.

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