The Evolving Role of Marketing in Difficult Times

Marketing Communication Covid 19Planning for how you’re going to reopen your business after the COVID 19 shutdown is complicated. While you focus on getting business back to your “new” normal, you’re also having to consider what you’ll need to do to communicate with employees, customers and the community so that they feel comfortable returning to your place of business. With most of us eager to know facts, plans and timelines,  the more you can strategize now, the quicker and more effective you’ll be at re-opening with confidence, and strong informational marketing communication can play a major role in accomplishing these goals.

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Does Inbound Marketing Work?

does inbound workAs an inbound marketing agency, we are very selective about the clients we take on in order to ensure that the program will pay off, especially when one of the first questions prospective clients ask is, “Does inbound marketing work?” Not all potential clients are a good fit for an inbound marketing strategy. It’s anything but a one size fits all situation and we look at each company specifically to gauge the opportunity.  We start our engagements qualifying whether your company is a good candidate for the program and that you are likely to see a significant return on invest from an inbound marketing program.

If you’re considering engaging with an inbound agency to help you reach your marketing and/or business objectives, you need to understand that it can be hugely successful for the right kinds of companies, but lack luster for others. With years of experience executing inbound marketing campaigns, we’re the first to say it doesn’t work for everyone so we’ve developed the following criteria to evaluate the opportunity for a solid ROI.

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8 Crucial Questions to Answer Before Beginning a B2B Website Design Project

To create a successful B2B website design and marketing strategy, we guide our B2B clients through a series of questions that help us deep dive into their business, industry, target audience, goals and challenges.  The process is designed not only to help our team understand what’s important to communicate through the website design, functionality and messaging, it also serves to enlighten clients on what they need to focus on along the way in order to meet their objectives. It’s like a business plan for your website and the most important step for the kick-off of a B2B website development project. Before diving into your own website project, here are a few questions you can toss around internally to start thinking about what you will need to include in your B2B website plan.

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