7 Must-Have Web Design Features & Functions for Your Medical Practice Website

Creating a well-executed user experience and growth driven website strategy for any business is a challenge. For medical practices looking to improve patient acquisition and establish professional credibility, there are special website design elements and functions to consider. Read on to discover seven important features to include in your medical practice website design project.

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Is Your Website Holiday-Ready? 4 Tips to Apply Now

HolidayThe holidays have always been a spend-happy season for consumers, and with the boom of ecommerce, online shopping, and digital events like Cyber Monday, this is truer than ever.

But websites preparing for the holiday rush need to be ready. Although this is the time of year when businesses can generate tons of business, the increased web traffic provides some challenges as well. Keep these tips in mind to prepare your site for success. Read more

Inbound Marketing: 5 Ways Writing your own Copy can Damage your Brand

inbound marketing companyReaching the maximum earning potential for your business means you have to effectively market your offerings and attract new customers and clients. By now, you have likely learned that relevant and engaging content is the cornerstone to inbound lead generation and since content creation is easy, there is no need to hire a content writer or an inbound marketing company. This is a common mistake many business owners and professionals make.  Before you begin, read on to learn five ways writing your own copy can damage your brand and turn potential new business away.

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E-Book or Whitepaper? 4 Major Differences

Stack of books and papersEffective digital marketing requires a variety of approaches, including the use of e-books and whitepapers. Both are considered “long-format” marketing tools, and while they are similar, they are not the same.

Here is what they have in common:

  • Both are an integral parts of SEO-based digital marketing, helping content to be found/ranked by Google.
  • They’re used most often for prospects and leads in the middle- or latter-part of the sales funnel.
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Writing Effective Blog Titles – 5 Tips to Increase Clicks

Five Tips for Writing Blog Headlines

Writing effective blog titles is one of the most important elements of any blog post. Why? Because without a good title, you’re going to have difficulty convincing anyone to read your post. It won’t matter how great your content is if nobody reads it.

This, unfortunately, also means that a lot of the effort you’re putting into your blog content will end up going to waste.  So how exactly can you come up with blog title ideas that are interesting enough to warrant a click? The following are a number of tips to keep in mind: Read more