Web Design FUNCTIONALITY – Make It Easy

User ExperienceAn effective website has interactive features that make it come alive. On the other hand, bells and whistles without a purpose can make your site confusing and distracting.

Good website design balances several factors, including customer behavior, business goals and budget restrictions. Read more

Web Design Styles and Visual Hierarchy

Web Design StylesNothing in web design should happen by accident.

To put that another way, every web design choice you make should be deliberate and serve a stronger purpose. Even the smallest details can influence how users perceive your brand; indeed, the smallest details are usually what separate exceptional brands from run-of-the-mill businesses.

Understanding these web design concepts first involves understanding how viewers take in information on your page. The study of this process and how to most effectively telegraph information to your audience is known as visual hierarchy. Read more

B2B Web Design: Creating a Powerful Home Page Experience

B2B Home Page Web Design CTYour home page is the face of your brand and your digital greeting that sets the stage for all future interactions.

But B2B sites are more than just a hand shake—they’re carefully crafted products that are an essential part of a business’s overall sales strategy. Even more than consumer-focused sites, B2B pages must be functional, authoritative, and reflective of brand identity. Read more

Choosing A Web Design Company: 5 Simple Questions

You’ve taken the plunge and are embarking on the road to a brand-new, optimized website. That takes courage and a leap of faith – so, go you! Now, you have the thrilling task of choosing The Best Web Design Firm for the job.

This is easier said than because, in addition to choosing an experienced web designer who gets results, you’re choosing a business partner of sorts. These people need to get you. They must understand what it is you do and who your buyer personas are. The web design team should intuitively understand your brand and – perhaps most importantly – they need to be pleasurable to work with. Read more

Web Design Principles: Website Profitability

The Anatomy of a Site That Drives Results

Website elements working togetherYour website is one of the most important assets you have; it is the central hub from which you provide information about your business, products or services.  For most business owners, the ultimate purpose of a site is to generate profits by increasing sales revenue and acquiring more customers.  To drive marketing ROI, web design principles dictate a proven formula for building these bottom-line driven sites. A good blueprint for success is based on the Inbound Marketing principles:  Attract, Convert, Close, and Nurture. Read more