7 Must-Have Web Design Features & Functions for Your Medical Practice Website

Creating a well-executed user experience and growth driven website strategy for any business is a challenge. For medical practices looking to improve patient acquisition and establish professional credibility, there are special website design elements and functions to consider. Read on to discover seven important features to include in your medical practice website design project.

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Web Design Styles and Visual Hierarchy

Web Design StylesNothing in web design should happen by accident.

To put that another way, every web design choice you make should be deliberate and serve a stronger purpose. Even the smallest details can influence how users perceive your brand; indeed, the smallest details are usually what separate exceptional brands from run-of-the-mill businesses.

Understanding these web design concepts first involves understanding how viewers take in information on your page. The study of this process and how to most effectively telegraph information to your audience is known as visual hierarchy. Read more

B2B Web Design: Creating a Powerful Home Page Experience

B2B Home Page Web Design CTYour home page is the face of your brand and your digital greeting that sets the stage for all future interactions.

But B2B sites are more than just a hand shake—they’re carefully crafted products that are an essential part of a business’s overall sales strategy. Even more than consumer-focused sites, B2B pages must be functional, authoritative, and reflective of brand identity. Read more

The Website Design & Development Process: Understanding Milestones & Deliverables

Web Design ProcessWhat to Expect from your Web Design Services Team

The online world is dynamic, and users expect a professional, compelling and effortless experience when they visit your website. There is a lot to think about and accomplish. Achieving success requires working with a team of experts that can look at each priority in relation to others. You’ll want to choose a firm that specializes in digital marketing, design and programming and one that has a tried and true process for communicating your unique business to the world.  By understanding the process, milestones and deliverables you can avoid surprises along the way and make the most of your marketing budget.  Following is a summary of our website design process.

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5 Mistakes that Could Tank Your Website Redesign

One day you take a good look at your website and realize it’s seriously out of date. Its appearance is so turn-of-the-century and navigating from one page to another is a confusing chore. If you want to breathe new life into your brand, a website redesign is a relatively easy way to do it. But if done incorrectly, it consumes a lot of your valuable time and money.

If you’ve decided the time is right to revamp your company’s website, we’ve compiled a list that we hope will help you avoid the five most common mistakes a brand can make with a website redesign project. Read more