Choosing A Web Design Company: 5 Simple Questions

You’ve taken the plunge and are embarking on the road to a brand-new, optimized website. That takes courage and a leap of faith – so, go you! Now, you have the thrilling task of choosing The Best Web Design Firm for the job.

This is easier said than because, in addition to choosing an experienced web designer who gets results, you’re choosing a business partner of sorts. These people need to get you. They must understand what it is you do and who your buyer personas are. The web design team should intuitively understand your brand and – perhaps most importantly – they need to be pleasurable to work with. Read more

Checklist for Writing a Website Design RFP

proposal planning listIt’s an exciting and challenging time.  You are about to design a new website or redesign an existing one.  The world is your oyster, but which firm you choose to lead this expedition will be the deciding factor in whether or not your new site succeeds.  Your first step is to construct a RFP that effectively describes your vision and the exact features, characteristics, and capabilities you want your new site to have.  User experience, functionality, and usability are crucial factors that you know must be mastered if your site is to succeed.  There is a lot riding on this… your site is central to the brand identity and bottom line growth of your business.  You must choose the right company to lead this effort. Read more

Web Design Principles: Website Profitability

The Anatomy of a Site That Drives Results

Website elements working togetherYour website is one of the most important assets you have; it is the central hub from which you provide information about your business, products or services.  For most business owners, the ultimate purpose of a site is to generate profits by increasing sales revenue and acquiring more customers.  To drive marketing ROI, web design principles dictate a proven formula for building these bottom-line driven sites. A good blueprint for success is based on the Inbound Marketing principles:  Attract, Convert, Close, and Nurture. Read more

Synerge-marketing Designs Website for The Center For Family Justice, the 1st FJC in Connecticut

The message of the new website is one of hope – that victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse can become survivors with help from The Center for Family Justice. Synerge-marketing was able to capture this message in the website it designed.

Fairfield, Connecticut (PRWEB) February 20, 2015 – Synerge-marketing announces the launch of a dynamic website for the nonprofit, The Center for Family Justice. The Center is the lifeline for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse in six Connecticut towns: Bridgeport, Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford and Trumbull.

Although The Center’s focus is on serious issues, it was important that the redesigned website convey a message of hope, be approachable and inclusive to all people. It had to meet the needs of three distinct groups – victims, donors and volunteers – while also highlighting the work it does in schools and the community, breaking the cycle of violence through education. Read more

Synerge-Marketing Launches Website for New Concierge Physician Practice

Patient-friendly site provides in-home VIP medical services.

Logo Design - IHPCGREENWICH, Connecticut – November 5, 2013 – Synerge-marketing, a web design and internet marketing firm that provides results-driven campaigns, announces the launch of a new website for In Home Physician Care (IHCP). Providing top-quality, in-home medical care to patients throughout the Fairfield County area, IHCP is a unique private and personalized service with benefits usually not found in medicine today.

To help IHCP deliver its message effectively, Synerge-marketing implemented a video library that showcases IHCP’s offerings, introduces the lead doctor to patients, and contains a patient education section. It includes information about J. Kevin Shushtari, MD, a Harvard-trained, board-certified physician who was inspired to open IHCP after his own disheartening experience visiting a medical practice. Dr. Shushtari wanted to develop a service that would return the doctor-patient relationship to a more personalized, customer-friendly

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