Facebook Algorithm ChangeFacebook is platform that you either love or hate- there does not seem to be an in between. For some businesses however, it can be a powerful lead generation tool if you work it properly. Algorithm updates over the past year have made it more difficult to gain visibility for organic posts. Here are five tips to work around the Facebook algorithm change and expand your reach.

Beat the Facebook Algorithm Change and Engage more Readers!

Tip #1: Publish content that is hard to resist.

While memes and jokes abound, the Facebook algorithm is constantly being altered to limit their reach in an attempt to deliver content that counts. Creating meaningful content is hard.  Try promoting original e-books, white papers and blog posts that your followers will be interested in and share with their audiences. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge. You are an expert on your business, and publishing helpful content emphasizes that. Get creative and share interesting and useful articles or tips from trusted sources in your industry.  Once in a while share a great cartoon or quote that makes fun of your business and always post on holidays with an interesting image and greeting.  You’ll be amazed at the amount of shares you will receive just by wishing people a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tip #2: Leverage your other social media platforms.

Diversification is integral to business growth in any industry and marketing is no different. Be sure you have several active social media platforms for your business or profession and leverage them to help increase your engagement on Facebook. Some ways to do this are to share links to your popular Facebook posts, promote a contest or a promotion that is being held only on your Facebook account, etc.

Tip #3: Capitalize on multimedia.

It is  no secret that videos and pictures capture attention better than straight text. Just as you should use your other social media platforms to build your Facebook engagement, you should share your multimedia content from YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram to create buzz that will engage your followers.

Tip #4: Revamp your Facebook page.

Take full advantage of your cover page on Facebook and use an image that grabs attention and consider making it double as a call to action. Fill out all of the information in detail making use of keywords in a natural way so people can search for your product, service or profession. Use a profile picture that represents your brand clearly since it will accompany every post you publish.

Tip #5: Make time to engage with your fans.

If you only find time or budget to act upon one of these five tips to work around the Facebook algorithm change, this is the one to choose. From time to time, post questions and respond to fans who take time to answer. Find topics of interest related to your field or product and share an interesting fact, the newest technology or other related tidbits and ask for opinions. People are far more reactive when businesses are interactive and take time to recognize them. These people will become your brand ambassadors.

No time to incorporate these five tips to work around the latest Facebook algorithm change? Contact your experts of Synerge-marketing about social media marketing. We would love to help!

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