Developing relationships through social media can be one of the most effective marketing strategies a company can invest in. Social media is an important marketing tool, but only when companies understand how best to wield it. Although social platforms are an excellent way to build your brand with potential customers, faulty expectations and implementation often cause social media campaigns to backfire. Consider our advice to make every social media move effective for your company’s future. 

The “Hard Sell” is Out of Date

Customers today are savvy. Businesses who only promote to potential clients will be disappointed with the results. Those who take time to connect in an authentic manner with real people will leave a lasting impression. People on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are not there to be bombarded with frequent pleas to “buy”. This can actually have a negative effect and turn people off.

Separate Sales and Social Media Objectives

While the departments might collaborate occasionally, they serve different purposes within the business. Social media should certainly be utilized to promote a new product or service. However, to gain loyal followers on social media, sales must take a backseat during daily operations. It’s more about the conversation than it is about the conversion. We have an 80/20 rule. 80% of our posts are practical, useful, interesting, objective, entertaining and fun (all the better if they tie in to a current trending subject). 20% of our posts promote a product or service, offer a discount or include company news. We have found that our light-hearted, clever or interesting posts garner the most engagement and grow our audience. All work and no play makes your social media strategy a dull one.

Over-Automating Your Social Media Campaign

A word of warning: Be careful with scheduling software – while it allows you to push content regularly, many companies find that an editorial calendar scheduled too far in advance creates posts that are sometimes stale or outdated.  We like to schedule a few approved posts per month as back up (make sure they’re not time sensitive) but always add to the scheduled posts with daily content that is happening in the moment.

Don’t Forget Your Geographical Community

Your businesses and brand not only exists in a customer community but also in a geographical one. Take time to show the social media world how you support local needs and concerns. Not only will this form a crowd of interested spectators, but it will also help you support the people and the community you live in.  They may return the favor.  You get what you give.

No Matter What, Stay Neutral

When breaking news hits, resist the urge to voice your opinions. Publicizing personal convictions and beliefs can often hurt business. When a business promotes a one-sided support of an event, a new law, or an international crisis, their followers immediately become divided and many take their business elsewhere. If you do get comments, try to validate followers’ point of view without taking sides. Move on.

Know Your Audience

Identifying your target audience is crucial for effective social media marketing. Fortunately, Twitter and Facebook come with easily accessible analytic tools to help identify target groups for your business based on your posts, followers and engagement. Businesses who neglect to study their audience waste large amounts of money marketing to a general audience widely uninterested in their product or services. Therefore, do the research to make marketing costs count.

Social media is full of tricky nuances, which can make establishing a balanced voice difficult. Nevertheless, with enough time and attention, any business can turn social media into one of their most powerful marketing tools. To employ an effective social media strategy for your business, contact Synerge-marketing today. We’re here to help!

Check out our next blog which will uncover real case studies and examples of our most successful social media posts.

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