Online Marketing Strategies on a Shoestring

Building Your Business Online Without Spending a Dime

So you’ve got yourself a business and you know you need to be on the Internet.  Even if you don’t have a website, there are several ways to start building your business online that are relatively easy and inexpensive (or free). A few of those ways include:

  1. Create a Google Places profile for you business
  2. Create a Facebook business page for your business
  3. Create a LinkedIn profile for yourself and your business
  4. Create  a self-hosted blog (using WordPress) for your business
  5. Submit your business to online directories
  6. Create a Google Plus One Profile

In  today’s post, we’re going to cover the importance of a Google Places profile for your business.

Google Places – Boost Your Search Traffic in a Half an Hour or Less…. For FREE

Often times it is possible to be at the top of a search engine query for your local business category without having a website and without spending a dime. How?  Google Places offers a free profile for business owners. On, these profiles are often positioned at the top of the search results, so if you have a Places page for your business, you have a chance at being in the top results.

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On Internet Marketing

It’s not about knocking on doors, it’s about having customers come knocking on yours

drive traffic to your websiteI hate sales.  Put me in front of a cold call list and I cower.  I’m not the nagging type and am uncomfortable staying in someone’s face, which is generally what it takes to close a sale in the traditional way.

Ah, but if someone calls me with a specific need,  I jump at the opportunity to help solve their problem.  As an internet marketing consultant and a partner at Synerge-marketing, I pour myself into research by asking  questions, looking at their business, consulting with my team, and thinking of ways to meet their business goals.

I think one of the things I love most about this job is that I get to help decision makers acquire customers without having to sell.   That’s what this business is all about—getting in front of people at exactly the time they need you (when they search for your services on the web), and showing them – through your website – how  you can help solve their problem.  And if that website does its job – the introduction will be precipated by the customer instead of the other way around.

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