Pickle Peas E-Commerce Web DesignNew start-up businesses are thriving.  We get several requests a month from clients seeking to develop a web presence for a new idea, product or service.  They know that without a website, their company has no credibility whether they are targeting investers, partners, businesses or consumers.  Shannon Byrne came to us early in the year looking for help with an ecommerce web design focused on a line of baby clothes and bibs targeted to mom’s dealing with drooling babies.  She is raising 3 children currently, all who are droolers and she turned her problem into an idea and business.  Her clothes are 100% organic cotton, rugged, comfortable and stylish.  The idea is that the bib is interchangeable with the outfit and instead of clashing with the outfit, it is designed to coordinate and look like an applique.  The bib keeps the baby dry and happy, and can be easily snapped off and on with other coordinating bibs so mom doesn’t have to dress and undress repeatedly throughout the day.

We wanted a design that would appeal to modern, upscale moms that could afford to invest in really cute clothes that actually served a purpose.  We used the Big Commerce platform to achieve Shannon’s goals on a tight start-up budget.  Because the competition for “organic baby clothes” was competitive, we targeted keywords that surrounded a problem that moms face – drooling, teething and spitting up.

Check out Pickle Peas site here: Interchangeable Outfits and Bibs for Drooling Babies

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