Wesson Energy New Website Design, CTSometimes an established company needs a new brand — one that highlights how the company has changed and is growing with the times. At the same time, it’s important to give due credit to the past. For example, this might mean emphasizing the company’s longevity and its hard-earned reputation for exceptional products and services.

Wesson Energy, based in Watertown, Connecticut, is such a company. Founded more than 70 years ago, Wesson management decided a few years ago that the business of the company’s future was to sell its customers less fuel and more services, including Connecticut energy audits, alternative energy installation and home performance contracting. In other words, Wesson needed to be viewed as a company that provides energy-efficiency services that “Save More by Using Less.” This change in approach was not reflected in the company’s old website, which focused on Wesson’s traditional oil delivery services.

To help bring its website and branding in line with the company’s new approach, Wesson enlisted Synerge-marketing earlier this year. The result is a new website that was launched earlier this week. The new wessonenergy.com includes a brand new web design and structure, a new look and even a new logo — all centered around Wesson’s focus on improving home efficiency.

In addition, wessonenergy.com offers a wealth of new and rewritten information about how Wesson helps customers optimize their homes’ energy performance. Other resources and functionality include customer account access, financial incentives, payment programs, safety information, downloadable brochures, rebates and coupons for energy saving and frequently asked questions.  The content is designed to be less promotional and more informative with a focus on helping customers learn, choose and save.  All the new content has been optimized for search engines, so the site can be easily found by potential customers looking for information on Wesson Energy or on Connecticut energy products and services along with energy audits and home performance contracting services.

But Synerge-marketing’s work with Wesson is far from over. In the coming months, the website will offer a new e-commerce component that features additional information on how Wesson’s products rate in terms of their efficiency, installation cost and annual energy costs.

Let us know what you think.  Check out the new Wesson Energy site

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