social media marketing trendsSocial media is a cornerstone of successful lead generation and as more businesses capitalize on the power of their audiences, vast changes are being made to the various platforms. Now you not only have to engage the audiences you have worked to grow, you have to work around new algorithms to maintain your voice and have your content seen by new prospective clients. To help keep you “in the know”, we have assembled some information on the top three social media marketing trends to watch for in 2017 so you can start planning for better sales than ever in the new year.

Mergers in Social Media

The good news is that social media will remain a critical component to your marketing strategies. The bad news is, you will have to be prepared to meet the demands of an ever-evolving landscape and keep abreast of changes that are made so your marketing remains effective. The main reason for the continual changes to the landscape is that big business has taken an interest in leveraging social media as a profit-making center. For example, the monolith that is Facebook swallowed up WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus Rift while more recently, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn.

Gaining Organic Traffic will Take Greater Effort

Closely related to the mergers that will continue to happen on the social media front, you will find the platform algorithms are going to go through frequent changes to make organic traffic more difficult to gain. You will need to engage your audiences more so your posts continue to appear in their feeds and your content will have to be more useful and relevant than ever so they help you reach a broader audience through sharing. The second part to this will involve a spend to maximize your exposure. You have likely already seen this with Facebook ads, but expect that other platforms will follow suit.

Automation Software will be Necessary for Maximum Success

All of the moving parts that make up a successful lead generation marketing campaign require constant data collection, analysis, tweaking and testing if you are to be successful in reaching your business goals. Managing such volumes of data using spreadsheets and lists is just not going to be sufficient if you want to maximize your marketing success. You will need to invest in marketing automation such as the HubSpot platform with your partners of Synerge to scale your efforts and maximize your marketing strategies.

You can definitely expect some sweeping changes in how social media marketing helps you grow your business, but it will remain a strong player in lead generation and content promotion. Your inbound partners of Synerge thrive on change and we work diligently to keep current on all aspects of social media marketing so we can help you reach maximum success.

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