Web Design Blog IntroductionOur web design team at Synerge Marketing is excited to announce a new blog series in which we’ll take a look at the different components of website design and break down the process we use to determine and prioritize different elements on your website. Our hope in expressing these steps in understanding web design, will give you a sense of the shape projects take as they evolve. This series will also make it possible for you to organize your vision and ensure that your website meets your—and your audience’s—needs.

To start, we will look at each different area of a website. Understanding user expectations, conventions, and opportunities for innovation will help ground our process in a focus on user experience. We hope to illustrate how each piece of design reflects your goals and your web presence. Most important to your website are on the goals of your individual business, and we hope this overview will help you begin to prioritize and plan for your new or updated website.

Over the next few weeks we will cover the areas listed below in individual posts. Use the links here to access topics as they become available.

Week 1 : Introduction
Week 2 : Navigation
Week 3 : Content
Week 4 : Photography
Week 5 : Footer
Week 6 : Call to Actions
Week 7 : Social Icons
Week 8 : Fonts
Week 9 : Colors
Week 10 : Overview of Visual Hierarchy
Week 11 : Your website – what do I want people to do next?

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