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One of the most powerful visual elements of any webpage design is the use of photography. Our series has considered navigation, and content. Now, we focus more precisely on using photos.

Adding images to your website creates interest, adds color and establishes mood. Our eyes delight in beautiful photography. With a variety of potential sources, keep in mind the importance of choosing high quality and relevant photos. Photography communicates powerfully on many levels; the choices you make here truly count.

Stock photography sites like iStock or Getty Images are some options. These sites offer millions of choices, easy searching, and usually affordability. At the same time, anyone can buy from a stock image website, so it’s possible that you might end up with the same images as like-minded business. However, there are ways to search for less commonly used images as well.

There are a number of reasons why stock photography might not suit your needs. Hiring a photographer to come to your business or set up a product photo shoot can give you strong custom images. Price varies based on the number of photos you need, location, and the type of photo shoot necessary. Of course the experience of the photographer factors heavily in price and quality.

As you begin exploring options for photography for web design, consider the rights you acquire to these images. You can maximize your investment and increase the consistency of your brand by using the same images across platforms. Your website, posters, and flyers can all benefit from several well chosen images. Because the right to usage is also linked to the prices you pay, be sure to ask your designer or project manager to clarify rules of copyright and use.

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