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Our design and marketing objectives are unique for each client and industry niche, depending on their goals, challenges and budget, but overall we strive to achieve measurable results, return on investment, and long-term growth.

McArdles Web Page Design

Magento E-Commerce - Florist & Garden Center


Increase in Online Sales


Increase in Local Traffic


Increase in Revenue

SERVICES: Marketing Consulting, Magento E-Commerce Development, Custom Responsive Web Design, SEO 

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The Goal:

  • Revitalize an outdated website with a new, modern design utilizing existing code and ecommerce requirements
  • Incorporate local retail business into a previously e-commerce-only site to reflect the people, lifestyle, experiences and services that differentiate McArdle's
  • Increase traffic and sales online and in-store
  • Replace internal resources with a more experienced and specialized outsourced partner

The Solution:

  • A sophisticated website with lifestyle imagery that reflects the store's pleasing and service-oriented atmosphere
  • New services section and navigation to promote in-store and out-of-store services, such as events, landscaping, corporate, funeral and home decorating
  • A more professional and polished look for merchandising e-commerce products
  • Geographic SEO optimization based on competitive analysis and keyword research

The Results:

  • A 50% increase in website traffic and 75% increase in online sales in six months
  • $50,000 annual savings on internal resources to manage website
  • #1 SEO rankings for "florist in Greenwich" (targeted geographic area) and related keywords
  • User sessions in targeted geographic area up 451%, reflecting improved brand awareness and walk-in traffic and sales
  • Overall revenue up 61% and online transactions up 71% in first year

“Just wanted to let you know that our web sales for June were up 75% compared to last year. Thank you very much for all your help in this! ... I am so happy with the site so far.”

Christine, McArdles Florist & Garden Center; Greenwich Connecticut

Manufacturer Web Design Example

Manufacturer of Newsprint & Paperboard 


Increase in Leads


Increase in Traffic


Conversion from Organic Traffic 

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SERVICES: Marketing Strategy, Custom Responsive Web Design, Wordpress Development, Writing & Editing, Multi-Language, SEO

The Goal

  • Replace an outdated website with a modern design that suggests innovation, sustainability, employee culture and values, and quality products
  • Overcome the perception that the paper business is a dying industry
  • Position company as an industry leader that has adapted, is stable and has kept up with technology
  • Craft an online presence that appeals to job candidates, investors, partners, customers, prospects and suppliers
  • Bolster respect from the company’s team, partners and vendors
  • Increase traffic, leads and brand awareness

The Solution

  • A clean, modern, high-end final product, including photography art direction
  • Responsive web design
  • Content strategy and creation that incorporates the company’s sustainability and community attributes to attract career candidates
  • Leadership-focused content to target investors, partners and suppliers
  • Product details to target customers and prospects
  • SEO strategy to drive qualified traffic

The Results: 

  • A professional, modern website reflecting a technologically savvy, stable and innovative manufacturer
  • More than 120 web-generated leads in the first three months, including career inquiries, sales inquiries and direct inquiries via online form submissions
  • More than 74% of traffic coming from organic search
  • More than 78% of all leads coming from organic traffic
  • Page-1 ranking (global) for more than 150 qualified keyword searches
  • Expanded international brand awareness, lead generation and sales

technology website example

B2B Technology: Oracle Consulting & Services


ROI in 6 months


Increase in organic traffic


National keywords ranked on page #1

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SERVICES: Marketing Strategy, Custom Responsive Web Design, Wordpress Development, Education & Training Database, SEO

The Goal:

  • Improve brand credibility, traffic and lead generation
  • Transform an outdated and infrequently visited website into a sophisticated, modern internet presence
  • Grow the brand and establish credibility among Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) users and Equity Compensation clients
  • Create a user interface that funnels distinctly different target personas to their specific needs
  • Optimize the website for online searches for CompIntelligence service offerings
  • Include an education and training area for visitors to learn about classes

The Solution:

  • Create a custom responsive web design with an emphasis on branding, user interface and user experience
  • Design mirrored subsites reached by a global landing page based on the target audience
  • Unify the look and feel but separate the content by subsection based on visitors' needs and their stage in the buyer's journey
  • Onsite SEO optimization for all website pages and sections
  • Custom database for organizing education and training classes
  • Interactive features to help visitors access information on demand

The Result:

  • A modern, compelling brand and website praised by both stakeholders and customers
  • Traffic increased from less than 200 visits per month to more than 1,000 visits per month in the first six months
  • In less than a year, ranked for more than 700 national keywords in organic search using onsite SEO only
  • 73% EPM website conversions and leads coming from organic search
  • 84% of Equity Compensation website conversions and leads coming from organic search

"I want to thank you all for the hustle and extra effort you expended ... I've also received great feedback from our team. Our CEO told me today that he Googled "Hyperion Education" and we came up third! He was very pleased to see us show up, let alone be third; and he added that the site looked great."

Marie Daniels, Chief Operating Officer; CompIntelligence

Medical Group Web Design Example

A Multi-Specialty Medical Group & Management Services Organization (MSO)

#1 Result

On Google organic search for over 60 targeted keywords  

Page #1 

On Google organic search for over 235 targeted keywords

SERVICES: Marketing Strategy, Custom Website Design, Wordpress Development, Custom Database, Writing & Editing, SEO

Visit PACT > (Physicians Alliance of Connecticut)

The Goal

  • Build a credible, professional-looking website to serve as a reference and resource for recruiting new physician members
  • Create a foundation for an easy-to-use, comprehensive online provider network
  • Establish a brand that differentiates PACT from other provider groups and MSOs

The Solution

  • A comprehensive strategic marketing plan
  • A value-added physician finder tool
  • Persona-driven site design, navigation and content targeted to physicians and patients
  • Provider pages that enable physician members to maintain a marketable online presence

The Result

  • A professional online presence speaking to two distinct target personas 
  • #1 page ranking for difficult, broad keywords in geo-target, including "internal medicine," physical therapist" and "Dr. David Simon"
  • Page-1 rankings for more than 100 specialty-related keywords, medical practice names and physicians within the PACT alliance
  • 86% of traffic coming from organic search, reflecting a growth in brand awareness

Home Page Design concept

Business Services: Teddy’s Transportation


Return on Investment in less than one year


Additional contacts through live chat


 bookings within 30 days via single email campaign

SERVICES: Logo Rework, Responsive Website Design, Live Chat Integration, Inbound Marketing Strategy and implementation including SEO, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, SEM

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The Goal: 

  • Develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would deliver measurable ROI.
  • Transition and update website to a modern, responsive design with enhanced functionality
  • Increase website traffic, site engagement, bookings with an emphasis on new client acquisition

The Solution: 

  • Created a new branding and marketing strategy including responsive web design.
  • Introduced live chat feature to add convenience and increase online inquiries and bookings
  • Devised a blogging and social media strategy and implemented weekly editorial calendar for execution across multiple social platforms
  • Implemented a pay per click (PPC) campaign targeted on new customer acquisition
  • Developed an automated email marketing plan optimized for Teddy’s multiple audience segments, i.e. new customers, loyal customers, customers who have not recently booked, prospects, etc.
  • Integrated call tracking on the website to measure campaign results and closed sales

The Result: 

  • 535 additional contacts through live chat
  • 100% increase in Facebook likes in one year
  • 150% increase in monthly organic traffic
  • Over 400 keyword phrases ranking on Page One in Google
  • New strategy has driven over 50% increase in new customer acquisition
  • Email marketing campaign produced 65 bookings in just 30 days