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B2B Websites

From orchestrating a first impression to establishing credibility and trust to supporting B2B buyer’s later stages of research and decision-making, we can help.

B2B Website Design CT

Web Design with Your B2B Buyers’ Needs Top-of-Mind

It’s no secret that B2B companies require a different kind of website marketing. Unlike B2C companies that focus on converting clicks to sales, B2B companies have the daunting task of creating a Web design framework that can carry their target audience throughout the various stages of the buyer’s journey. From orchestrating a first impression to establishing credibility and trust to supporting the buyer’s later stages of research and decision-making, we can help.

Confirming the need for your B2B website to rock is the fact that 74% of business buyers told Forrester Research in a recent survey that they conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase. For the B2B company, this solidifies the necessity of translating your unique business proposition and goals into a smart, well-designed website that creates brand awareness, establishes immediate credibility, positions your messaging and serves as a lead-generation engine.

With technology platforms and services, industry trends and buyer habits constantly evolving, we keep up with everything needed to harness the power of your website so you don’t have to.

Checkout a few of our recent B2B Website Design & Marketing projects:

  • Alliance Technologies – Helping international advanced manufacturing companies to accelerate strategic growth in the American market through direct operational management and expert guidance
  • Live Automation – Solving the toughest manufacturing challenges with innovative industrial automation solutions
  • White Birch Paper – A manufacturer of newsprint, paperboard and other specialty paper products serving a worldwide market
  • TRC Global Mobility – Providing comprehensive domestic, international and government relocation services
  • Unger USA – An international market leader in the professional cleaning industry, Unger is a German-based manufacturer of cleaning tools for professional use
  • CompIntelligence – Enterprise Performance Management and Equity Compensation consulting, implementation, training and support
  • Marketing Management Analytics – Enabling clients to achieve significant brand and marketplace advantages by synergistically leveraging “big smart data” and predictive analytics
Analysis and Segmentation of Your Target Audience

Understanding Buyer Personas

Critical to the success of your website is the ability to fully understand your B2B buyers, their challenges, the problems you solve for them, and the buying cycle. This understanding helps define your buyers' personas and the unique value proposition for each, especially if you offer multiple products or services. Before we even talk about an awesome look and feel, we work with you to establish your buyers' persona profiles and overall company intentions through in-depth interviews, competitive analysis and other data. Once the  persona buying path is clear, we move on to the next steps of designing a highly effective website.

Content is King

Content is King

And queen, and prince … It’s the substance of your website and the reason why visitors are there. Not only do B2B companies depend on strong content to attract buyers, but also to keep them coming back as the need for more information intensifies. By strong content we mean information that is crafted to speak the language of your buyers – familiar words, phrases and concepts – and not those of a marketer. We take this content and combine it with clear calls to action and eye-catching visuals to present an easy-to-use, responsive website design that can address the needs of your buyer from beginning to end.


Website Optimization

Optimize Everything

Optimizing your website content so that it’s SEO-competitive and keyword-rich will help capture buyers and generate inbound marketing leads. However, often times we see a disconnect between the words a buyer uses in a search and what we actually prefer to use in Web copy. We’re here to bridge that gap, ensuring that you have the right balance between optimized SEO content and the language we know resonates with your buyer. Attaining this balance, you can then leverage your content across various digital and social channels where you can further engage your buyers. Smart website design is only one piece of your integrated marketing program, but smart content can contribute to your efforts that extend far beyond your website.

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CT B2B Web Design, Development and Marketing Services are available throughout Connecticut including Fairfield County in Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, Fairfield, Bridgeport, Danbury and beyond. We also meet with clients in Westchester County, NY.  Remote services are available outside of Connecticut and New York.