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Aligning Modern Manufacturers with Industrial Buyer Requirements

Gone are the days where a manufacturing company’s website was simply an online, static brochure of their business. Today, the industrial buyer’s expectation is that a manufacturer’s website provides an interactive experience that includes the quality content required when conducting research. In fact, according to a 2019 Industrial Buying Habits Survey, when sourcing new suppliers, 73% of industrial buyers rely on a manufacturer’s website, making it the #1 research tool for buyers.

If your manufacturing website design and content is not aligned with buyer expectations, your prospective customers will go elsewhere online. To minimize the risk of losing business to competitors, we help manufacturing companies create and execute on a strategic web design and inbound marketing plan that not only gives buyers what they are looking for, but gives it to them when and where they need. And when the buyer has what they need to make a decision, that’s one more customer for you

Manufacturing Design & Marketing Strategies Based on Business Goals

Not all manufacturing companies need more business, that’s why our first step in working with you is defining your specific goals. While a modern web design and marketing strategy can certainly increase sales, the combination can also provide a solution for:

  • Establishing Credibility & Leadership
  • Generating Brand Awareness
  • Attracting Qualified Employees
  • Growing Distribution Channels
  • Providing a Resource Hub for Sales and Partners
  • Serving as a Portal for Investors, Partners, Employees & End Users
  • Promoting Corporate Responsibility & Citizenship


Manufacturing Best Practice Website Elements

From online brochure to a modern, responsive web design, highly-effective manufacturing website designs include:

  • Clean, modern design
  • Large, impactful imagery
  • Strong, resonating messaging
  • Intuitive, organized site navigation
  • Clear calls-to-action
  • Informational resources for each stage of the buying process

But not only does your company website have to look good, it has to function with precision. Whether you need to integrate an online product catalog to showcase your products, a distributor look-up tool, or service provider locator, our experienced web development team can custom design a database solution and build a technical architecture to your specifications.

Custom Database Development
Manufacturer Social Channels

From Website to Digital Workhorse

More and more industrial buyers and competitors are doing business digitally and are being influenced everywhere they go – social media, email, Google, you name it. Think industrial buyers aren’t on social media? The same 2019 Industrial Buying Habits Survey reported that in addition to your website, 10% of buyers are also using social media to research new suppliers.

Long story short, to stay competitive within your niche, you have to be where your buyers are. After launching your website, by leveraging an inbound marketing program, not only do you convert your website into your sales workhorse, but you stay in front of your potential customers with a marketing strategy inclusive of:


See What Our Clients are Saying

"...Not only has the website brought in new qualified leads, business opportunities and customers, but it has attracted the resources, industry talent and brand credibility we needed to expand and grow."

ROI of Manufacturing Website Design & Marketing Investments

For White Birch, a manufacturer of newsprint and paperboard, they wanted to replace an outdated website with a modern design that suggests innovation, sustainability, employee culture and values, and quality products. The manufacturer needed to overcome the perception that the paper business is a dying industry and position the company as an industry leader that has adapted, is stable and has kept up with technology. As a result of the company's investment into a marketing strategy and custom website design, White Birch achieved:

  • 6X Increase in Website Traffic
  • More than 74% of traffic coming from organic search
  • Page-1 ranking for more than 150 qualified keyword searches
  • Expanded international brand awareness, lead generation and sales
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