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B2B Technology Web Design

Custom B2B Technology Web Design and Marketing as Innovative as You

No matter how useful or cutting edge your technology offering may be, if your brand and messaging don't reflect the same, you're missing out on valuable business. Translating your expertise and unique value proposition to prospective customers is more easily said than done, unless you've had years of experience helping others do just that.

Strategy Development for Technology Companies

We work with technology companies through a step-by-step strategy development process to define their buyer personas, their pain points and the messages that are most important to them during each stage of the buying process. From awareness of their problem, to evaluating solutions providers, your visitors need helpful, relevant content and a site infrastructure that makes it easy to find the information they need. Armed with a well thought out strategy, we work collaboratively with your team to design and develop a website, and supporting inbound marketing program that delivers the information that your buyers need, when they need it, in order to secure their business over time.


Custom Website Design for B2B Tech Companies

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"We engaged Synerge-marketing to rebuild a tired and predictable website. What we received was much more. The Synerge-marketing team has a deep knowledge of website design, functionality, analytics and graphic design. They very quickly ramped up on our business and partnered with us during the entire process."

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Keeping Up with Modern B2B Technology Web Design

Since technology is your "thing," we're not surprised that many technology companies choose to go it alone when building a website.  What they fail to realize is that a deep understanding of IT and programming is a completely different skillset than what is needed to create a meaningful, compelling and effective experience on the Web. If brand credibility, search visibility and lead generation is your goal, than using a professional design and marketing team with experience in your niche is essential.

To best showcase your unique value proposition and solutions, we help customers couple a strategic approach to custom website design and development with cutting edge technology. The end result is so much more than just a website, but instead, a high-performance, custom site that keeps your business competitive, provides the flexibility to adapt to evolving business objectives, and provides the best possible visitor experience.

Implementing the latest web standards, search engine optimization best practices and a custom website in a responsive design, we’ll create a digital presence to match the brand and identity you’ve built offline.

Then post-website launch, Synerge’s team of experienced technology website developers ensures you’re keeping pace with the most modern web technology standards and practices and provides 24/7 website maintenance and monitoring.

Creating Content for Both the Technical and Non-Technical Buyers

With varying personas interested in your technology solutions ⁠— from IT staff to end-users and administrators ⁠— it’s imperative that your website presents information that diverse buyers can not only easily locate, but also easily understand. Regardless of their level of technical prowess, technology buyers do their homework online when it comes to evaluating products and services.

Before making an investment, they’ll need the appropriate information to compare your products and services against the competition. Whether it’s product data sheets, whitepapers, assessment tools, product demos or case studies, we help companies define, create and communicate the education and evidence buyers need.

At Synerge-marketing, we excel at taking high-tech speak and translating it into an accessible, attractive and persuasive website design and content that addresses the need of both the left and right-brained buyers.


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Staying Engaged with Prospective Customers with Inbound Marketing

After your prospective buyer has shown an initial interest in your product or service, you'll want to stay top of mind by keeping them engaged until they're ready to buy. In order to keep the conversation going, it's important to know what information they need next during their buyer's journey, as well as when and where they need it, to help them move towards making a decision.

Constructing a strategic conversational path, we design, execute and manage an inbound marketing program utilizing such tactics as:

  • Content creation
  • Landing pages
  • Calls to action
  • SEO
  • Lead nurturing
  • Social media
  • Marketing automation

The end result is a greater lead-to-customer conversion rate (more sales!) for our technology clients.


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Custom Website Design for B2B Tech Companies

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Whether you need help creating an effective website, generating more qualified sales leads or getting a content marketing program off the ground, our senior-level marketing team has years of experience driving results for clients in the technology industry. Contact us and let's start the conversation on how we can help you.