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Logo & Identity

Logo design is the focal point of all branding, identity and website design. When it’s good it sets you apart: it's timeless, memorable and instills positive feelings in consumers.

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Instant Recognition

Milton Glaser, the legendary logo designer who came up with the iconic “I Love New York” logo, says that a logo should convey a concept or a perception. It should be much more than simply your company’s name. In fact, logo design is the focal point of all branding, identity and website design. A great logo will set your company apart: It’s timeless, memorable and evokes positive feelings in customers. On the other hand, a bad logo can leave a person feeling confused, indifferent or even worse, make a company look cheap and unprofessional.

Defining Your Logo Design Strategy

Distilling a complex business down to a simple, versatile and compelling logo is a multi-layered process. In pursuit of your logo and brand identity, Synerge-marketing’s experienced logo designers and marketing experts accompany you through a detailed process to help zero in on the essence of your company, audience, differentiators and more. This process spells out exactly what you want to achieve. It also cuts down on misunderstandings, revisions and costs.

Logo Icon Design - E-Commerce Brand

What Makes a Great Logo

Armed with knowledge from our research, Synerge-marketing works with clients to develop logos that go beyond simply indicating what a company is called and what it does. An exceptional logo should convey what your company represents. It should be instantly recognizable and should indicate or suggest the qualities that make your company unique. Whether you need a new logo or you want to rejuvenate an existing logo, our highly experienced designers will work with you to develop a visual solution that gets to the core of your brand.

Content is King

Your Brandmark

Many customers' first point of entry is the company logo. Even toddlers know what to expect when they see golden arches or that apple with a bite out of it. Designing an effective logo involves distilling the company down to a clean, instantly recognizable graphical element that gets to the essence of the brand fast. We can design a website using your existing logo, refine a logo in need of polishing, or create a new logo design that best reflects your company's essence.

Connecticut Website Design Service Areas

Local & National Service Areas: 

Connecticut logo design services are available throughout Fairfield County, including Fairfield, Westport, Greenwich, Bridgeport, New Haven, Stratford, Stamford, Ridgefield and beyond, including Westchester County, New York.  Remote services are available outside of CT & NY.