Site Integration

While implementing the functional elements of your website, we focus not only on the tried and true, but also on the cutting edge to keep pace with the most modern technology standards and best practices.

CT Website Development

Bringing Your Website To Life

Over the next few weeks, the web development process begins with construction, platform configuration and feature customizations as outlined in your project plan. During this phase, all site graphics and layout templates are implemented. Your content management system is customized to make administering your website easy and effortless without technical knowledge. Your menus, galleries, dynamic tools, interactive and custom features come to life.

What you can expect at the end of the implementation phase:

  • A beta site visible only to you and us where we’ll be building your platform
  • graphic elements and content population, enhanced with search engine optimization
  • static and dynamic technical elements
  • creation of the applications provided in the scope for functional programming

At this point we’re not ready to rest just yet. Next we make sure that the site measures up to our high standards.

Polishing & Fine-tuning

We hate mistakes and we know that you do too. Over the next few weeks we put your site under the microscope and work out any kinks with detailed unit testing of its features and components.

Once we are certain that we have met your project goals, attained usability and technical proficiency, and refined and polished for exceptional design, we perform final testing and get your approval. Now your site is ready to go live.

Web Design e-Book

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