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Content Management

Put yourself in control of the content you want the world to see, from copy and images to links, uploads, calendars and blogs. An open-source system such as WordPress gives clients the power to update and edit content just the way they like.

CT Website Development

Keeping You Independent

So your website is up and running, but you’d like to update content and you don’t want to wait for (or pay for) a website designer? No problem. Keeping costs under control and adding, removing or changing the content, pages, text or images is easy and intuitive with the variety of content management systems (CMS) we offer.

All of our websites are equipped with content management so you can make changes independently. Our CMS of choice is WordPress because it is open source, SEO-friendly and easy for our customers to administer. Magento also has a great CMS for managing your storefront. Some are simple and straightforward but limit you on how much you can manage, while others are more complex but offer more customization. And we’re always available to support you and help keep your website fresh and relevant.

Find out how our content management systems can put you in control and save you time and money.