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What is Inbound Marketing?

what is inbound marketingTraditional marketing techniques are simply no longer as effective as they once were. People are not interested in receiving irrelevant messages at inopportune times, and they no longer have to.

This is where inbound marketing comes in. Inbound marketing is not about pushing out unwanted, promotional communication. It’s about attracting your ideal visitor through relevant content that addresses their pain points and helps them discover the best solution to their problem. It's about engaging with your prospective customers by offering another level of value, whether it’s an offer to download a useful white paper, sign up for a webinar or read an educational article. And then it’s about nurturing a continual conversation as they seek guidance throughout the purchasing process. When all of these strategic components are executed correctly, visitors become prospects and prospects become new customers.  That's when the magic of inbound marketing is realized.

Why Growth Driven Companies Invest in Inbound Marketing

For companies that have relied on traditional marketing tactics, they know all too well that making best guesstimates can contribute to the mis-allocation of marketing spend, inefficient use of resources and an overall lower ROI. To turn the tables, growth driven companies are integrating a data-based, streamlined and modern inbound marketing approach to increase brand awareness, generate leads, convert sales and retain customers.

An effective inbound marketing approach minimizes best guesstimates, using data to optimize marketing activities, make decisions on campaign effectiveness and measure results. With data in the driver’s seat, companies can benefit from:

  • More efficient marketing program spend and execution;
  • A more unified marketing and sales relationship; and
  • A significantly bigger impact on their profits.


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Is Inbound Marketing Right for You?

Of course, when we engage with a client on an inbound marketing program, we want it to be successful. Our clients expect solid results and measurable ROI, as they should. A win-win partnership that is long lasting and successful, depends on consistent positive performance. With years of experience executing inbound marketing campaigns, we've learned that it can be hugely successful for the right kinds of companies. But, the inbound methodology does not work for everyone. The criteria we use to evaluate the opportunity for a solid ROI with an inbound marketing program is as follows:

Your Market:

  1. Your products/services have a high average sale or high lifetime customer value
  2. The purchasing process tends to be long and considered
  3. There is a strong market demand for the products or services you offer
  4. The market is not saturated with competitors engaged in inbound marketing techniques

Your Company:

  1. Your company understands that inbound marketing can take time and patience but knows that the long term impact will result in steady, sustainable growth
  2. Your company is actively looking to grow by filling your sales funnel with qualified leads
  3. You have a realistic marketing budget but limited resources to execute
  4. You have specific goals that you are trying to achieve through inbound marketing

Best Fit Companies for Synerge-marketing:

  1. Medical/Healthcare
  2. Technology/Software
  3. Manufacturing
  4. B2B & Professional Business Services

Does Inbound Marketing Work?

As mentioned above, we can definitively say that inbound marketing does work for the right kinds of clients. As an example, compare the two businesses below. Both Synerge-marketing clients have almost identical service offerings, target audiences and are in close geographic areas. Both sites were optimized for search during the website build process. The first client invested in inbound marketing. The second, did not.


Ranking for over 5,000 qualified keyword searches.
257% increase in qualified organic traffic year over year.

Medical Practice - Inbound Marketing Results

Client with NO INBOUND MARKETING Program:

Dropped from over 1,000 keywords ranking in search to just under 400 in one year.
19.57% decrease in qualified traffic.

Medical Practice - No Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Success: Medical Practice


Increase in Organic Traffic

Inbound Marketing Success: Manufacturer


Organic Traffic Growth

Inbound Marketing Success: B2B Company


Website Traffic Increase

HubSpot Marketing Hub: Bringing All of Your Inbound Marketing Activities Together

To execute on your inbound marketing strategy we leverage the vast features and functionality of the HubSpot Marketing Hub, an all-in-one inbound marketing software solution that gives you everything you need to grow your website traffic, convert website visitors to leads, and achieve a significant ROI. We're a HubSpot Certified Partner Agency and our team of inbound marketing specialists can help move your marketing strategy to reality efficiently and effectively using the HubSpot platform.


HubSpot Agency Partner

See What our Clients Think

"After two complete website redesigns, we recently partnered with Synerge-marketing to improve our inbound marketing efforts, bringing us more, and more qualified, prospects with content marketing. As we gained more experience and confidence, we added Hubspot Marketing/Sales and now Hubspot Pro tools to follow up with and nurture these leads. Our marketing and sales efforts are much more closely aligned, we are receiving actionable leads and the ROI is excellent. At this point, SYNERGe understands our business so well and has added so much value that I see them as an extension of my marketing department."