Email Marketing

As part of your marketing toolbox, an email marketing and automation strategy can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.

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Engaging and Effective Email Marketing Campaigns for Your Business

With all of the modern tactics leveraged by marketers, often times one of the oldest, yet most effective messaging channels is overlooked. Email marketing, though it's decades older than its contemporary counterparts, can be integrated with nearly any inbound marketing tactic to increase the return on investment of your marketing campaigns.

But email marketing as you may know it, isn't necessarily the type of email marketing that produces results.  To create content that engages your audience, emails need to exude personalization, conciseness and above all else, relevance.  Synerge-marketing works with clients from developing an email marketing strategy, to designing email templates and writing content, to insure that recipients receive timely, relevant and engaging content that provides clear value.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

While most campaigns initiated center around lead nurturing, an effective email marketing strategy may include the following types of email campaigns:

Is Email Worth It?


Email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI.*

  • Thank You Emails: Did someone spend time taking action on your site?  A thank you email is a great way to connect and engage with your new contact.
  • Welcome Emails: If someone opts in to receive communications or joined a community, a welcome email initiates the conversation.
  • New Content Offers: A new white paper, eBook or other content update deserves an email to relevant contacts who would benefit from the information.
  • Newsletters: Not only do newsletters provide another way for your company to re-engage with customers and prospects, but they can generate leads and sales too!
  • Product Updates:  Frequent and educational product-related communications help customers drive more value from your product or service, making for a happier customer experience.
  • Event Invitations: Done right, event invitation emails have the power to engage, excite and move recipients to take action.
  • Co-marketing: By leveraging the relationship and reach of a partner, a co-marketing email campaign can generate more awareness and leads, and with less work than if you distributed the email alone.
  • Internal Communications: Employees check email on their phones, desktops and smart devices making email communications easily accessible to your employees.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing takes time and resources, but talent  also plays a role in the ROI of your email efforts. Synerge-marketing can manage everything for you from design through to deployment. Our services include:

  • Email Template Design: Our designers build one-of-a-kind email marketing templates utilizing your color schemes, logos, and other branding. Templates include imagery, responsive design and a clear call to action.
  • Messaging: In the day of busy inboxes, email copy has to grab the attention of its readers in mere seconds, which means it has to be cleverly written to attract attention.
  • Testing and Distribution: A sleek template and compelling content is a start, but to make the email effective, the subscriber needs a positive user experience. That's why we test each email component - imagery, links, spelling, etc. - and its inbox compatibility to give your email the best shot at success.
  • List Management: Proper email list management is necessary to keep your database clean and organized, while simultaneously optimizing your efforts to boost email performance.
  • Automated Email Marketing: Automated email marketing is sending out emails to your contacts automatically, based on a schedule or triggers that clients define.

HubSpot Email Marketing Services

As a HubSpot partner agency, we help clients maximize their investment in HubSpot’s sales and marketing tools. Our team of certified HubSpot specialists can help manage your portal and provide email marketing support with the following:

  • Sales Sequences
  • Workflows and Automation
  • List Segmentation
  • Contact Management
  • Email Performance Reporting

Are You Getting the Results You Want from Your Email Marketing Efforts?

Like any other marketing tactic, email marketing takes time to do it right. If you're too busy to handle email marketing on your own, or if you're not seeing a return on your investment with your current email marketing strategy, we can help.