Sales Enablement

Getting a lead is a good start, but helping the sales team qualify and close new business is even better.

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Sell More with Sales Enablement Support

For your sales team to close new business, they need the time and resources required to focus on the clients’ needs. If you’ve spent any time in the shoes of a salesperson, you know all too well the common distractions and frustrations that can divert your focus elsewhere, such as tedious administrative to-dos and ongoing task management.

Imagine that these diversions could be minimized, if not eliminated, so that your sales team could focus on the task at hand. The outcome? Closing more new business, faster and with greater efficiency. At Synerge-marketing, we help companies optimize the entire customer acquisition lifecycle, from inbound marketing lead generation through to closing the deal. As far as we’re concerned, our job doesn’t stop at marketing.

Time-Saving Tools that Help Close More Deals Faster

How does selling more and working less sound? If your sales team is spending too much time on activities other than selling, our team of certified HubSpot specialists can help clients identify areas of opportunity to simplify and automate processes during each step of the sales cycle. By leveraging HubSpot Sales Hub, we can help clients to:

  • Discover more leads in less time
    See who visits your website, when they’re visiting and what they're looking at.
  • Minimize the time required for follow up
    Use customized email templates to send the appropriate follow-up in seconds or get prospects on the phone without leaving your browser.
  • Ensure no prospect gets left behind
    Set up an automated sequence of personalized emails and reminders so that each prospect receives individual, timely attention.
  • Receive notifications when prospects are active
    Get instantly notified when your prospects read an email, click a link or open an attachment (including RFPs!)
  • Eliminate the back and forth of meeting scheduling
    Set your calendar availability and send a customized link to your prospect that lets them choose a meeting time.
  • Create an insightful pipeline management framework
    Automatically track your team’s performance and sales activities in customizable reports so you can access metrics in real-time.
HubSpot Sales Enablement


Manage your pipeline with unparalleled insight.
In HubSpot, you can set up and manage a pipeline that matches the way you sell in real life, without expensive consultants or training.

HubSpot Email Templates


Get your emails opened and calls answered.
Follow up with the right leads, with the right message, at the right time.

Technology is Only One Piece of the Puzzle

Empowering your sales team takes more than just time-saving tools. Combining HubSpot Sales Hub with well-thought out processes and content, our team can provide strategic guidance and implementation support for the following services:

  • Sales Process & Content Audit
  • Lead Qualification Process
  • Sales Content Optimization
  • Automated Email Sequences & Workflows
  • Automated Tasks
  • Email Templates
  • Content Writing
  • Contact & List Management
  • HubSpot CRM User Onboarding

HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot tools aid you in getting deeper insights into your prospects, automating administrative tasks, and closing more business. As a HubSpot partner agency, we enjoy introducing the value of HubSpot’s sales and marketing tools to clients wanting to modernize and optimize their sales and marketing initiatives. Already using HubSpot? Our team of certified HubSpot users can help manage your portal and provide marketing and sales enablement so that you can maximize your HubSpot investment.

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You have a lead, now what?

Synerge-marketing’s sales enablement services are designed to help you put more time back into your day while providing personalized, timely and efficient follow up to your prospects. If you would like to discuss your sales process and how we can help take it to the next level, contact us for a complimentary consultation.