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If prospective customers can't find your business online, they'll find your competition. Simply put, we increase the visibility of your online presence by using the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices, making your business easier to find online. 

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SEO is the Key to Your Site's Visibility

It’s extremely frustrating to launch a website only to sit waiting for traffic that doesn't come. The mentality of “if you build it, they will come” does not apply to the online world in this day and age. When you work with us, we'll build your website from the ground up so it will be found in online searches for keywords that real customers use to search for your products or services. We can also help you drive more traffic and visibility to an existing website by optimizing your site for search and conversion. Our inbound marketing programs always include an SEO component to attract qualified visitors.

How do your prospective customers search the Web?

Our SEO process begins with an in-depth business analysis to uncover your customers' needs, the keyword terms they use to find your products and services, and a strategy to attract those customers via online search results. We know that by incorporating a strong SEO strategy into your website design and development, your website will garner the attention it deserves ... and save you money down the road. Without optimization, your website — no matter how great it looks, reads or functions — will be lost in cyberspace.

Best practices, long-term results

Our search engine optimization specialists follow Google's “best practices” and use only safe, proven methods to increase your rank within search engines. This common-sense approach emphasizes providing a great user experience and following website development guidelines that make it easy to find your site via online search. In this way, we attract qualified visitors and search engine robots simultaneously. Even though Google algorithms have changed drastically throughout the years, we have never seen large drops in ranking for our website clients. We attribute this success to our belief that the best long-term practice is to invest in high-quality content based around visitors' needs, and then to optimize this content ethically so that search robots (also known as bots, wanderers, spiders, crawlers, etc.) understand their meaning.

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On-Site Search Engine Optimization

When you engage us for website design and development, we know that part of making it successful and effective is ensuring it will appear in searches that qualified visitors use to find you. Our process includes all essential elements of onsite search engine optimization including:

  • sitemap development
  • keyword-rich content and headers
  • developing focused, relevant copy
  • keyword-relevant filenames
  • URL optimization
  • optimizing navigation and site structure
  • title tags and title descriptions
  • image alt tags
  • cross-linking pages
  • site map submissions
  • image optimization for page speed

The Importance of Fresh, Quality Content

As explained above, search engine algorithms have changed drastically through the years. Google is now smarter about the type of content and links that signal relevance to a keyword query. Keyword density, low-quality inbound links, spammy articles and any activities relating to "gaming the system" are now dead and buried.

This means that today's SEO specialists are focused on creating a strong content strategy that granulates visitors' needs with fresh, quality content that is published regularly and consistently and optimized for search engines. Once published, the content is promoted in the hopes that people will link to it organically. Expanding your keyword set and building organic inbound links through blogging, content creation, educational and informational marketing, social media marketing, etc. are the tactics used in this day and age to drive traffic to your website. Inbound marketing combines all of these tactics and more to not only drive visitors to your website, but also to convert them into new business opportunities.

One Client's SEO Success: Short Term, Big Impact

Checkout the results our commercial cleaning tool manufacturing client achieved in just over a 3 month period of time after investing in a search engine optimization program. The goal of the engagement was to: 1) Increase qualified leads via the request a demo call to action and 2) Grow website traffic for the products and services they offer. As a result of their SEO program, the client saw the following results:

  • Request a Demo Conversions: 149% Increase Year Over Year
    January - April 2017: 61 Requests
    January - April 2018: 152 Requests
  • Page 1 Keyword Rankings: Up Almost 600%
    Benchmark October 2017: 20 keywords
    January 2018: 57 keywords
    April 2018: 112 keywords



Search Engine Optimization Services

If you have an existing website that is not ranking well in search, we can help. Or if you find that your competitors are doing better than you online, we can help with that too. 

Let's schedule a time to talk and we can uncover your opportunities for growth.

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