Internet Marketing

Getting traffic to your site puts you in the race. Converting that traffic to new business opportunities puts you in the winner's circle.

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Internet Marketing Driven by a Strategic Plan

Internet marketing success is a two-fold process. First, you need to get in front of people when they need you. Second, you must compel them to take some type of action with your company. Driven by a strategic plan, Internet marketing is carried through, using best practice activities, in order to attract the right customers and guide them through the buyer's journey.

Internet marketing helps to grow your business and brand by reaching your target audience where they access information. This could mean communication via social media, email, or search using tactics that include SEO, keyword research, content marketing, and conversion optimization.

Through Internet marketing we can:

  • raise your site's search engine ranking for relevant keywords
  • improve the conversion rate for your website
  • increase sales, leads and/or traffic to your website
  • keep you in touch with current and prospective customers
  • help you retain first-time visitors and drive viewers to a specific page or action
  • evaluate your visitor demographics and behavior
  • identify new business opportunities
  • target members of your audience for promotional purposes
  • deliver real-time information to identify advantageous trends or unexpected problems

Search engine optimization: drive qualified traffic to your website

Attracting qualified visitors to your website is paramount to the success of your webdesign project. No matter how beautiful it looks and functions, if visitors can't find it, it serves no use. It's like creating a $20,000 brochure and locking it in a closet. Understanding how your visitors search is the first step. This is done through keyword research based around the words real customers use to find your products or services. We put our knowledge of how a search engine works from our first meeting until well after your site is launched to ensure that your site is front and center.

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Web Marketing

Website marketing: establish professional credibility

Once a prospect finds your website in search, you'll need to convince them to stick around. A professional website design, effortless user experience, and a clear, focused message are all paramount to holding a prospective customer’s attention and convincing them to engage with your company.

Social media marketing: get in the game

If your customers are on social media then it's appropriate for you to be there too. You'll want to drive traffic to your site from wherever your customers hang out. Our community managers will learn about your business from the inside out so they can communicate your "voice" to the world. We work with you monthly to come up with ideas and content for posts and blogs that are aligned with your customers' needs. We provide you with an editorial calendar that lists weekly ideas for social media posts, blog topics and any content marketing articles that are timely and relevant to your business and target market. You review and approve the content. We make sure it's created, approved and published. We engage with your followers and build your audience daily.

Social Media Marketing
SEM Paid Search Advertising

SEM: paid search advertising: go with a pro

Google AdWords, also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) is a nuanced art. Google certainly makes it sound easy, but the reality is, it’s hard! Understanding the bidding process, quality scores, ad groups, landing pages, ad copy, and management is a full-time job best suited to an industry expert with a particular skillset.