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PPC Management (SEM)

Google AdWords is the express lane that immediately drives traffic to your website

Pay Per Click Marketing CT

Personalized PPC Management Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to drive immediate traffic to your website. Google certainly makes it sound easy, but the reality is, it’s hard! Understanding the bidding process, quality scores, ad groups, landing pages, ad copy and management is a full-time job best suited to an expert in the industry with a particular skill-set. As with all of our specialties at Synerge, we have a dedicated PPC management specialist who personally manages our clients’ campaigns. He has lived and breathed Google AdWords for more than a decade and he has made a career out of building client businesses via Google advertising.

Through training and experience, our SEM specialist can:

  • Develop a strategy: analyze the stages of your customers’ buying cycle to develop keywords and landing pages that convert.
  • Improve the quality of your traffic: fine-tune how you target relevant keywords that align ideally with your customers’ needs as they relate to your business offerings.
  • Increase conversion: analyze customer pain points to develop keywords, landing pages and calls to action that are relateable and compelling.
  • Geo target ads: zero in on location when bidding for a specific ad position.
  • Reduce costs per aquisition: use best practices in reducing the actual costs of expensive clicks and improve the selling process to lower cost per aquisition.
  • Improve the measurement and reporting of results: segment your campaigns and ad groups to effectively track leads throughout to help you gain insights into what is working and what is not.

What makes us different?

As a boutique agency, we take the time to learn about your business, your brand and your customers so we understand the nuances of building a successful campaign that will produce the results you expect. Our PPC advertising campaigns are based around competitive analysis and extensive research to find the right keywords to ensure your website attracts qualified web traffic that will turn into leads and/or sales.

Google Credentials Include: 

  • Google AdWord certified
  • Google Analytics certified
  • Google Partner
  • More than 12 years of experience managing hundreds of AdWords campaigns of all types and sizes
  • specialization in high cost per click programs



Who cares about traffic with no leads?

While other companies may boast about impressions and traffic, we focus on ROI.  Unless your goal is branding and awareness only, traffic without conversion is a waste of time and money.

If you're getting traffic but no leads, we'll look at your current website or landing pages to see why your offer is not converting and make the adjustments that are needed.  Even though PPC can guarantee traffic, it can't guarantee sales. If you don't have a page or website that converts, what's the point of spending hard-earned money to send people there? Lucky for us, we have a marketing, design, development and writing team that can work with you to establish trust on your pages and build qualified conversions.


User Experience

Managing High Cost Clicks

Google advertising or pay per click (PPC) fees are often the largest portion of the cost for search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. There are also service fees to manage the SEM ads and additional tools such as specialized landing pages and analytics. Individual click rates depend on many factors. Google has designed an auction-based system where the more competitors are willing to bid for targeted terms, the higher the click costs will be. Google also rewards advertisers (with lower click costs) who follow best practices in offering relevant ads and landing pages that make a positive search experience.

This is not like a typical auction where the highest bid wins. It's possible your ad could be at a top position over a competitor and yet you will be paying less than them. This is part of the built-in reward system that Google calls "Quality Score." When the search terms you are bidding on have a higher Quality Score within the ad, it is possible to be paying less than your competitor for better ad placements.

If the high costs of PPC spending are making you walk away from paid search advertising, there are ways to help reduce the overall cost per action or lead.


Connecticut Website Design Service Areas

Local & National Service Areas: 

Connecticut Pay Per Click Advertising Services are available in Fairfield County and throughout CT and Westchester, NY.  We work with clients remotely outside of CT and NY


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