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Content Writing

Content is the substance of your website, the reason people have visited you, and it’s what Google values most. The web is about information. Your content is king.

Web Content Writing CT

Content: the Heart of Your Website

A great-looking site alone won’t guarantee qualified visitors, website traffic or new business opportunities. Because the web is primarily about information, your content strategy is just as important as the design and functional elements. It’s the substance of your website, the reason people have visited the website and it’s what Google values above all else. Not only will you need a content strategy for your website pages, you’ll need to plan to continue to publish content around your visitors’ needs post-launch.

Coming up with relevant topics that relate to a visitor’s needs while placing you high in online search results is an ongoing challenge. It’s that freshness, quantity and quality of your content that Google and other search engines reward by keeping you in the limelight.

Some of the ways we can help with content writing:

  • Marketing Strategy: discovery, brainstorming, persona development and creation of editorial calendars
  • Website writing: website content, headlines, product descriptions, catalogs
  • Branding: product naming, taglines, brand language
  • Writing Focus: technical writing, medical writing, copywriting, blog writing, press releases, proposals
  • Inbound:  content marketing including ebooks, whitepapers, blog posts, email marketing, newsletters, landing page copy, calls to action
  • Print: brochures, sell sheets, print advertising, labels, catalogs, direct mail, trade ads
Content Writing

At a loss for words?

We can relate. Web content writing is the single most difficult element of a project and can be the source of repeated delay and frustration. After all, you’re an expert on your business, but you may not be a pro at written communication. It’s the one piece of the strategy most often overlooked by website development companies, too. They’ll design and program a website framework then leave the client to figure out how to best convey the message. Effective website content writing is an art and a science. And don’t kid yourself – it is hard!


Reading Website Content

Understanding how people read your website content

Information on the web is read differently than other media. On websites people require cues to lead them on. Rather than going from beginning to end, a website visitor is likely surfing for good information, jumping around on a page, scanning and skimming. That means writing techniques differ greatly from those used for a book or print advertisement. A few important best practices for website writing include:

  • using direct, objective-driven language,
  • avoiding industry jargon and cute, clever names,
  • getting to the point clearly and quickly,
  • building short text blocks with plenty of headings, and
  • ensuring that content is optimized for search engines.

Whether you need highly technical content or a voice all your own, our professional writers can transform your ideas into well-organized, compelling and search engine friendly content that attracts qualified visitors, guides them through the decision-making process and establishes credibility for your business.


Connecticut Website Design Service Areas

Local & National Service Areas:

Connecticut Content Writing Services are available throughout CT and Westchester NY including Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport, Shelton and beyond. We meet with clients remotely outside of CT and NY.

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