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Increase in Website Traffic Year Over Year



Increase in New Website Visitors



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"The team at Synerge-marketing took the time to thoroughly understand our business. With their leadership, strategic planning and results-oriented approach to web design, development and marketing, we successfully launched a website that has exceeded our expectations. Not only has the website brought in new qualified leads, business opportunities and customers, but it has attracted the resources, industry talent and brand credibility we needed to expand and grow."
– Michael Barone, Owner

SERVICES: Strategy, Website Design and Development, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Development, SEO, Website Conversion Optimization, Social Media Marketing, HubSpot Implementation and Management


Website Design & Development Goals: 

  • Improve company branding that differentiates from the competition
  • Develop a professionally designed and programmed website optimized across all devices
  • Use the website as a compelling reference when pitching new prospects and a lead generation engine for new contacts
  • Drive financial results by increasing awareness, traffic, and conversion by integrating keyword research and search engine marketing strategies

Inbound Marketing Goals: 

  • Leverage an inbound marketing approach to attract and engage prospective clients working with a group of targeted PLC platforms
  • Strengthen website as a lead generation engine
  • Position as an active thought leader that can solve a wide range of business and operational challenges
  • Streamline and optimize internal processes related to reporting and CRM inefficiencies
  • Increase awareness of Suture Tipping and Cutting Machine offer and generate leads for custom medical equipment
Technology Website - Responsive Design

The Solution: 

  • Designed a flexible, agile B2B website that can align with evolving business and marketing objectives
  • Created a comprehensive B2B inbound marketing strategy
  • Developed targeted keyword content that attracts prospective clients within the company's niche
  • Implemented conversion optimization leveraging HubSpot inbound methodology
  • Leveraged HubSpot marketing and CRM features to streamline and improve upon internal processes
  • Built social media program that brands both the company and key employees as engaged community thought leaders
inbound marketing new contacts live automation
New contacts created by source with implementation of inbound marketing program.

The Result:


  • Traffic increased 80% Year Over Year with implementation of inbound marketing program
  • Content publishing influenced a 32% increase in organic traffic in one year
live website traffic
  • Various landing page conversion rates ranged from 5.36% to 24%;  Across industries, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher.
  • Social media contributed 10% of total website traffic
  •  Website generated leads converted to 200k+ in new business in just one year